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I have always been actively and constantly pursuing professional classes in the areas of self-improvement and personal growth. For 14 years I have been intensively studying personal and spiritual growth practices, technologies of how to release feminine potential and relationships between men and women. In addition, for 20 years I have been involved in the art and music world. 
When I was a little girl, I dreamt about the many things I wanted in my life: I wanted amazing, ideal relationships; relationships in which an inexhaustible love and a non-ending understanding of one another exists, and relationship actualize which include empathy and ecstasy. I wanted to pursue activities which would reveal “me” and which would allow my talents to be realized. I wanted to travel the world. I dreamt of living in a lovely home, surrounded by nature. From my earliest childhood, I wanted to dance and sing on stage, to be a fascinating, alluring and successful woman.  
The most amazing thing is that I have achieved it all. My dreams have come true, and I am currently living them. I thought that to achieve it all would take my entire lifetime… but, it so happened that all my dreams have become reality, down to the smallest detail. Everything has become true, and then some!
What kind of a feeling envelops you when all your life’s wishes have come true? An unimaginable one! An immense joy and an overflowing of energy was born within me, joy and energy that I wanted to share with other people! Self-sufficiency, freedom, gratitude for all that surrounds me appeared. It is as if I was born anew! I want to share this new life, this unending, inspiring holiday with others!  
There is no room for the “everyday” in my life; feelings of joy and constant understanding, the ability to find and realize all my talents, interest in all things, love and creativity have all permeated my life. All of this I share through my professional teachings in the following areas: my music ( http://www.amiyainspiration.com ), Femininity  Magic School (www.motersmagijosmokykla.lt) and Emotional Intelligence (www.emocinisintelektas.lt).

For 14 years I have been taking professional classes, and I am still enhancing my skills in the areas of personal and spiritual growth (in the practice of unfolding and opening feminine potential, meditation, the techniques of European traditional spiritual transformation, the development of emotional and spiritual intelligence, the practice of Tantra and Dao).

For the last 9 years I have been leading classes in the development of Emotional Intelligence ( www.emocinisintelektas.lt),  personal growth, opening up feminine potential, meditation for women, and in addition, providing personal consultations.  9 years ago I established the Femininity  Magic School  where many amazing women are successfully pursuing classes and developing their potential.  They find themselves, their femininity, their talents, their beauty.  They become creative, they learn how to forge harmonious relationships, how to lead healthy and happy lives.  Additional information on the Femininity  Magic School:  www.motersmagijosmokykla.lt 

I have been studying music since I was 5 years old. For the last 15 years my career in that sphere has been growing not only in Lithuania, but also internationally. I create international art projects with notable jazz, classical and modern art performers and creators. I work with directors, dancers, fashion designers and photographers. My recordings resound throughout Europe, the US, Australia and Russia. I am the recipient of awards from various international contests. Through all my creative work, my concerts and performances, I transmit positive emotions, inspiring experiences, the beauty of feminine energy, the motivation to be, to live, to create a harmonious, beautiful life to the audience. I imbue my music with the entire feminine world, esthetics, beauty, tenderness, energy and love. Additional information about my creation work: www.amiyainspiration.com and www.andre.lt 
What I convey through my teaching and music: 
“One’s spiritual development is whole and encompasses all spheres of existence; one’s body is his/her holy place, personality and soul. The entire human and spiritual potential unfolds in harmony with the world and one’s self. You have everything that you need within yourself  – nothing there needs to be cast out, nothing added. You are created to be happy and to grow in all spheres. Everything that is given to you - your mind, body and soul -  are devoted to the attainment of a happy and harmonious life, of an all-encompassing creativity and love. Only when this is achieved, will your professional life, relationships, free time and your inner life  give you a feeling unspeakable joy and happiness.
In this epoch of human evolution, women play a special role. All women, by their nature, have a deep knowledge of the harmony of the spirit, soul, mind and body; of ecological and harmonious interactions with nature, humanity and the world. When women realize these talents and unfold them in their daily lives, they accelerate the evolution of mankind to a healthy, happy and spiritual existence, where people live in balance with themselves and the world.”

femininity magic school

The Femininity  Magic School – is a special school for the personal growth of a woman. The school features unique instruction for today’s women, young and older, who live an intensive life and want to bring into their lives spectacular color, energy, renewal, life, beauty, new perspectives, happiness and wisdom. This school teaches how to open up your feminine potential through meditation. It is geared toward women who feel that life could be more interesting, happier, inspirational, emotional;  toward women who want to find and use their uniqueness, gifts, talents and desires. In other words, to live a life that is beautiful, harmonious and meshes with you! 
The School of Feminine Magic will help you find a wellspring of never ending energy, love and life. You will open your feminine strength, return to nature, gain new information about women’s psychology, understand your feminine nature which helps you form a harmonious relationship with yourself, your surroundings and other people. You will open not only your personality and your physical talents, but you will develop your spiritual and emotional potential which brings peace, self-sufficiency, harmony, and meaning. The School of Feminine Magic is not only instruction, meditation, consultation, new information, wonderful advice but it is also a philosophy of life. A philosophy which states that a woman can create an interesting, beautiful and happy life which opens up her true nature, is absolutely natural to her, and reflects her true desires. A woman has to live a life in which she achieves self- actualization and his happy!
It takes three years for the instruction to be particularly effective. The instruction in Femininity  Magic School utilizes the most modern and effective methods, practices and meditations which help you know yourself and open your feminine and spiritual potential, talents, creativity, bliss and youth. 
Additional information about the school: www.motersmagijosmokykla.lt
Benefits of the Program  
This is an amazing living instruction for women! The instruction is unique in that it takes three years until everything that is learned and practice in class naturally exhibit itself in daily life, activities and demeanor.  A woman finds her real self and creates a life which opens her completely and makes her happy. This important process takes a lot of practice, information, change plus the time for all the practice and knowledge to become ingrained and realized.
Comments from our graduates:
“It exceeded all my expectations. The companionship of women and courses were nice, but the exercises were life changing. They did not allow self-deception, they did not allow you to place restrictions on yourself. Achieving self-actualization was the only option. The greatest power you have is that the ability to fulfill your dreams using your femininity is within you. Not only will you learn it, you will experience it.” Vilma
“I found myself as a woman in “Femininity  Magic School”. I found a great potential in me that turns the day to day into a miracle!  New people have come into my life, new opportunities.  Every day you feel different.  New findings, new information.” Julija      
“It frees you from the inside out, it opens old or never before used talents. You see options and opportunities which are beyond your field of vision. Very useful.  You fall onto this wave and all learning is focused on the purpose that you want to achieve. You taste life; you become a creator.” Inga   
“An inordinate amount of findings, changes inside and out.  My body was filled with energy, my thoughts became clear, creative and light!  Amazing experiences!  A constant uplifting feeling!  A very friendly environment and amazingly warm company.  Mmmmmmmmm  :) “ Egle 
“Women’s magic – it’s a gift that we all have but don’t know how to unwrap!  The Femininity  Magic School provides you with a real opportunity to become acquainted with your female potential and learn how to use it in your daily life.  During the year I spent in these classes, I found many answers to life’s meaningful questions.  I learned how to live from the overabundance of energy, how to be happy, how to love my body and accept it, the way it is.  I wish everyone amazing experiences in the School of Feminine Magic – it is fantastic!” Justina    
“The School of Feminine Magic is unique in that it touches all of the areas of our lives.  You learn how to release your talents in your social life, grasp what your wishes are, understand how to structure your personal so that you are happy. You relax, you let go of judgments, you learn how to take pleasure in your intimate life.  You discover your inner, spiritual life which helps you find harmony and balance in all areas of your life. And the most amazing thing is – this program is geared towards women.  We learn using methods and techniques that are pleasing to women   I can’t compare how I felt at the beginning of the program and how I feel now.  I am a different woman.” Agne   
“In the School of Feminine Magic, I learned how to love.  How to really love, not selfishly, not subserviently, not owning and not changing another person.  I saw that love is something very different than I had previously thought.  I learned that I can only have a relationship with a man – a relationship such as I only dreamed of since I was a girl –by being a woman, myself.  These types of relationships do not just appear, you have to create them, grow them, nurture them,  deepen them and change them as you both wish to.  The School of Feminine Magic teaches you just that – how to recognize yourself anew as a woman – as the carrier of life, energy, flight, love, beauty, happiness and creativity.” Zivile
“The School of Feminine Magic is a non-ending journey into yourself – you as a unique being with your own desires and perceptions.  Its knowing the world through other women.  It’s the opening of feminine strength, life and power within yourself. It’s a new way of life.  Maybe coming here you will lose the old, and find the new. Maybe you will find in yourself talents you have not yet realized and you will create in your life that which you dared not dream about.  Maybe you will become a new person.  It all depends on you.  You have the chance to open these doors.  The School of Feminine Magic helped me find my true desires and to start living my life based on them.” Viktorija    
Practical Exercises:
  • The practice of meditation which unfolds the nature of a woman;
  • The three locations of women’s strength;
  • The unlocking and management of life energy;
  • The methods of youth and allure;
  • The art of relaxation and pleasure;
  • The art of releasing love and the talents of your heart;
  • Transforming negative energy;
  • Knowing and influencing your emotions and feelings;
  • Meditation to develop intuition and introspection;
  • Finding the talents of your personality;
  • The practice of managing and transforming sexual energy;
  • Managing female and male energy – and their harmonious interaction;
  • Energy circles – big and small;
  • Methods of positive change and individual consultation.
Psychological exercises to unfold the feminine nature: 
  • What opens a woman and gives her a feeling of happiness?
  • Positive self-worth and trusting yourself.
  • How do you uncover your feminine talents?
  • Where is the real feminine strength hidden?
  • How do you develop your feminine wisdom and insight?
  • How do you reveal the abundance of your feminine life energy?
  • Who opens love’s door for you and your friends and acquaintances?
  • How to differentiate those who open doors for you and those who close them? 
  • The ecology of a woman’s internal world – how do you stay young and full of life?
  • How to help yourself when life’s burdens overwhelm you?
  • Sexual, emotional and intellectual blocks.
  • How to free your feelings.
  • The psychological peculiarities of the art of pleasure.
  • Devotion, love and creation.  How to open yourself up to them? 
Psychological exercises for finding harmonious relationships: 
  • A woman in a man’s life;
  • A man in a woman’s life;
Reconciling men and women:
  • What are the differences in men and women psychology and actions? 
  • What makes a man happy and self- actualized?
  • Mind and/or insight, will and/or love, sex and/or erotica? 
  • Why are women afraid of themselves?
  • Why are men afraid of women?
  • What are the personality types of men and women? What are the relationships between them?
  • How to know yourself and other gender?
  • What destroys the routineness of relationships and the “everyday” aspect?
  • What creates fulfillment in relationships? 
  • What creative potential can be released in relationships?
  • The deep psychology, unique practices and philosophy of the the relationships between men and women;  

Emotional intelligence

A life full of success, happiness and spirituality can be yours! 
How can you forge splendid relationships with friends and relatives? How can you discover that wellspring of positive emotions and motivations within yourself? How do you become that charismatic, creative and flexible person? How can you discover and develop those unique talents you harbor within? How can you create a lifestyle that corresponds with your true desires; a life in which you find self-actualization? How do you become the most effective in your personal, professional and business life?  
You can find the answers to these questions in my Emotional Intelligence Development Class.
Emotional Intelligence (EQ) development classes have changed my life.  They were an incredible impetus toward new and positive changes in every aspect of my life.  The practices and habits I acquired through EQ provided me with unbridled motivation to create an amazing, fascinating and harmonious life, integrating into it all my desires. I improved my effectiveness in my professional work. An astonishing new quality reshaped my personal life.  I found an internal harmony with myself; I found new talents within myself.  My life was replenished as this harmony and ability for self-actualization amazingly poured into my life.  I became fascinated with the methods of EQ, internalized them, and became an Emotional Intelligence Class Leader. I have been leading EQ classes for five years with Rimvydas Židžiūnas, an emotional and spiritual intelligence expert. 
Emotional Intelligence helps in various spheres of your life. 
21st Century modern life is fast paced and dynamic; it changes with unprecedented and incredible speed.  Constant change and growth is essential in order to be successful, fulfilled and happy. No, that does not mean you have to acquire one more degree, professional credential or increase your IQ through serious reading. Worldwide research shows that the most promising growth area is the development of emotional intelligence (EQ) competencies. 
“Emotional Intelligence means the ability to recognize your own feelings and those of others, the ability to self-motivate and to manage emotions – yours and others’.”  (Daniel Goleman)
People with high emotional intelligence are optimistic, empathetic and charismatic; successful in their professions, capable in conflict resolution, and able to easily forge and maintain relationships.  It has been thought that these qualities were genetic, inherited, and thus part of a person’s character, which cannot be altered.  In 1990, scientists proved that these qualities can indeed be changed.  A human being can control his/her mood, motivation, feeling of optimism, self-esteem, and relationships.  Relationships are directly dependent on the emotions we feel.  Forming correct habits is necessary and extremely important in relationships. Good habits help with true perception and management of emotions, and in the transformation of negative emotions to positive ones – all leading to the formation of harmonious, beautiful and happy relationships.  
Emotional intelligence classes are based on current scientific findings.  They offer a selection of practical methods, methods which develop all your capabilities, giving you the tools to live a well-balanced, content, well-chosen professional and personal life. 
Additional information about Emotional Intelligence:  www.motersmagijosmokykla.lt
Benefits of the Class: 
You will gain new habits; using them you will improve the quality of your life and your ability for self-actualization in your professional and personal life.   You will learn to value yourself, to unveil your previously hidden talents and to find your true desires.   You will learn to form and remain in harmonious relationships and be joyful with those closest to you.  You will hear many interesting, inspiring recommendations; learn new ideas and concepts; be exposed to current research; and, experience a boost in your motivation.  
Recommendations from Students: 
"Superb instruction. It helps you stop and look around. You may see only things you don’t like, but, looking at them is the only way you are capable of and strong enough to change.  The technology for change is clearly laid out in the class – you can see the “how to”.  The possibilities widen.  What previously appeared impossible, now appears possible.  Everything depends on you, your wishes, your goals, your beliefs.  We also discovered that the environment does not control us, we can control any situation, mood and feeling.  We can begin to live how we want to live, and have what we want to have." Irena 
"What would I like to say to a prospective student?  Your life will truly change.  This class gave me a priceless gift; there are no words to express it.  In your life, what would it mean to open your eyes every morning and have the first thought that runs through your head be: “an incredible day awaits”.  I never realized what it means to BE, to live HERE and NOW.  I never realized that to be happy, objective reasons are not necessary.  From this class, I understood that everything lies in my hands – nothing is impossible.  If something didn’t turn out as I would have liked – then it’s only a matter of time until it does.  I can learn anything.  All my frames, rules, judgments are gone, only immense possibilities remain.  I know I will proceed on this path, and I know that there are no limits to my improvement." Kristina 
"It’s an amazing journey into yourself, led by an amazing instructor. Credible recommendations tailored specifically for each student, expressed sentiments and experiences all combine to help you find and understand yourself, to answer not only the questions you asked, but also to move you forward on a purposeful path.  A couple of astonishing months that ensured long-term future happiness.  Well, at least for me." Akvile
"The course was life changing; it destroyed all standards and stereotypes. The classes offer you new discoveries, color your life with new colors, new scents and provide you with new experiences.  These are classes that require absolute honesty with yourself.  You cannot be afraid to strip and see yourself as you are – beautiful and ugly, happy and sad, with your mask on and off.  When you open yourself up to yourself, new possibilities arise; it is important to have courage and proceed to the max!  Grab life by the tail, return to the “I” that you lost and dearly missed." Raimonda    
"When you come to these classes, you will receive everything that you need, that you are missing, and in addition, all that you didn’t even know existed.  Some of the answers to your life’s questions will come during the class; some will float in by degrees and by various means every succeeding day.  You will be freed not only from your situation but also from yourself because you will find a new you.  Most importantly, you will learn how… no, not learn, you will become happy." Giedre
"How often do you stop and listen to yourself?  The job, the kids, money, profit, budgets and non-stop running to appointments.  You are afraid to stop because you just can’t.  You may be late.  Thanks to these classes, they forced me to stop, listen to myself, hear myself, look around and take stock of my environment… and to understand what I really want, what life I really want to live, with whom I really want to associate.   The quality in all aspects of my life increased dramatically.  I am happy, since I am now living life without restricting myself." Dziuginta 
Additional information about these classes:  www.emocinisintelektas.lt
Main practical areas of the class: 
  • Recognize and create desired emotional states;
  • Develop habits, which allow you to establish positive emotions and easily discard negative ones; 
  • Match the type of activity with the appropriate emotional state; 
  • Dive in to activities with your whole being, your whole soul;
  • Sense your partner’s mood and adjust to it; 
  • Develop habits to grab excess energy when you need it;
  • Develop your intuition and intellectual insight; 
  • Increase the use of the right hemisphere of your brain; increase your potential for creative thinking and a spontaneous ability to constantly enjoy life;
  • Develop empathy for others. 
Main psychological themes of the class: 
  • How integrate yourself with your environment.
  • Self-regulation principles and practice.
  • My true desires – how to I find them and realize them? 
  • What helps me be happy and achieve self-actualization? 
  • My talents and gifts.  How do I discover them and bring them out? 
  • The psychology of harmonious relationships of men and women.
  • Who creates and who destroys relationships?
  • The art and secret of being happy with your spouse or significant other.


Musical biography

Andre Pabarčiūtė, vocalist, composer, pianist – is well known in Lithuanian and European cultural circles as a creator and performer of  jazz, meditation, academic, and original women’s music.  
In 2010, the Jazz Alchemist recognized Audre as one of the best free improvisational jazz singers in the world.  (www.JazzAlchemist.com, e-magazine)
Recognized as one of the best free improvisational jazz singers in the world by the e-magazine www.JazzAlchemist.com. (2010)
Nominated for the “LT Tapatybes” award in Lithuania. (2005)  This award is presented by President to artists and musicians who excel in actively promoting Lithuania internationally through their creative work. 
Andre is the lead of a musical trio “Andre/Tokar/Kugel”. The trio’s first CD "VARPAI" was rated 5/5 stars in Jazzreview.com: "Varpai is a fresh, spontaneous sonic delight. An enjoyable listening experience." - John Vincent Barron, Jazzreview.com, February 2011 
Andre’s music is constantly played in European, Australian and American radio stations and receives excellent comments from music critics. 
Andre is a winner of international academic and jazz music contests.  She is also an attraction in many dance and theatre festivals such as: Turning Sounds (www.turningsounds.pl), Prague Free Jazz Festival (www.jmw.cz),  Jazzy Colours.Paris (www.jazzycolors.org), Silent Art Festival (www.silentartfestival.com), and many others such as “Gaida”, “Kristupo Festivalis”, “Vilnius City Jazz”, “Kaunas Jazz”, “Tudengi Jazz”, “Mandala”, “Euroregional Gospel and Jazz Meeting” (www.rokis.suwalki.pl/gi_2005_3ng.htm). 
Andre constantly gives concerts in Lithuania, Sweden, Germany, France, Italy, Russia,  Belarus, Estonia, Poland, the Czech Republic and other countries. 
Andre composes her own solo music, movement and theatre projects; she also teams with other stars of jazz and academic music:  S. Namtchylak, B. Few, H.Green, S. Heidtmann, C. Ramond, J. Karlzon, K.Kugel, M. Tokar, W. Zimpel, V. Chekasin, L. Mockunas and others. 

Innovative Music / A Virtuoso’s Voice

Andre’s music leaves no doubt!  Her music exhibits the highest professional caliber, positive energy, true femininity, peace, clarity, inner beauty and nobility.  At the same time it is modern, current and real. Her songs fill the audience’s hearts with warmth, beauty, lucidity, positive energy and love.
Andre’s voice is pleasant, gentle and melodic, and yet very distinctive.  It rouses spectacular feelings in music lovers as well as professional musicians.  She uses new, modern, virtual techniques in her singing; techniques, which open up  singular capabilities of her voice and transform her voice into the sounds of nature – birds, wind, trees in a forest, the crashing of waves.  Her voice also transforms itself into the sounds of musical instruments – percussion, horn, trumpet and others. Using only her voice, Andre can create such a plethora of sounds, rhythms, musical colors that you hear a virtual orchestra playing. 


An Extraordinary Musical Effect

Because Andre leads EQ training classes, her creative work integrates modern emotional and intellectual exercises, femininity revealing techniques; that is, techniques and methods which elevate the quality of music into an entirely new sphere.  
Andre’s music motivates positive experiences, provokes a feeling of joy, makes one feel blessed, peaceful and content.  Her music renews one’s relationship with the inner self.  Her concert audience frequently senses never before experienced emotions, a spiritual awakening;  they feel a renewal of strength, a new will to love, forgive and to surround themselves with harmony.  An important note that Andre transfers with her creative process is femininity – the realization of the feminine nature.  The music expresses the origins of femininity and fills her listeners with a subtle, relaxing female energy.  For this reason, her music has an educational effect; it introduces men and women to the world of feminine nature.  Andre shares the revelation of feminine potential not only in her music, but she leads special classes (long and short) for women, called “Femininity  Magic School” .   Additional information about Femininity  Magic School: www.motersmagijosmokykla.lt  


"This kind of artistic soberness should be a prototype to emulate for many hyped-yet-vacuous productions of our time." (Massimo Ricci, touchingextremes, 2011)
„Her singing qualities are astonishing <…>  Andre's worldless singing is equally light, abstract and unpredictable. She can sing like a bell, clear incantations, she can use her voice as instrument, prolonging sounds, using her throat, lips, tongue as extended techniques, resonating with the bass, screech like a bird, or add dark-toned drama and intensity.<...> A wonderful listening experience.”  (From the e-magazine freejazz-stef.blogspot.com) 
“This is a musical journey to the center of the Earth.  Full of silence, meditation and small melodies, everything sounds so organic and natural.<...>   It’s very rich music, filled with a variety of textures, frugal and light. Abstract, but reachable and hypnotic. Eluding New Age clichés,  this music is amazing, pleasing, absorbing, very unique, gifting one with a auditory experience.”  (From the e-magazine, JazzAlchemist.)  
“Andre Pabarciute – the find of Jazz Voices festival. Andre Pabarciute could be named the high point of the festival. Although young, her voice – deep and powerful, with a rich timbre, does not only promise much for the future but is making an impact here and now. <…> Everyone was on their toes.  Three minutes of an intense ecstatic finale. A flame from the left, a flame from the right and then the final blow. That the listeners of Jazz Art Club, who are very accustomed to mainstream jazz, were completely overwhelmed is very telling. Standing ovation! Incredible (From V. Volkovas’s description of the Jazz Voices Festival)


  • Silence

    Andre Pabarciute - voice, electronic
  • Awakened Senses

    Andre Pabarciute - voice, electronic
  • Naturalness

    Andre Pabarciute - voice, electronic
  • Light

    Andre Pabarciute - voice, electronic
  • Shamanic calling

    Andrė - voice, electronic Alicija - percc., gongs, voice
  • Solo (from monoplay Tu esi. Meilė")

    Andre Pabarciute - voice, electronic
  • Trio Varpai (CD "Varpai")

    A. Pabarciute - voice, Klaus Kugel - percussion, sound objects, Mark Tokar - bass
  • Improvisation. Sonata by A. Berg

    A. Pabarciute - piano, V. Chekasin - sax
  • Improvisation. Sonata for a modern dance

    A. Pabarciute - piano, V. Chekasin - sax


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